When it’s time to evaluate the traits that give growers the most opportunity, take a close look at SOYLEIC®.

What if your soybean seed didn’t just give growers a healthy crop with high yields? What if it went beyond that – to give farmers a dedicated market for a value-added oil and meal? SOYLEIC® was bred for that exact journey. From the field to the dinner table, SOYLEIC® seed performs for everyone in the supply chain.

The Demand for High Oleic Oil

Food companies around the world are faced with a two-part challenge: meeting customer demands for delicious and convenient food while meeting regulatory guidelines for nutritious food. With the advent of high oleic soybean oil, food companies now have a win-win option. High oleic soybean oil is a highly stable and functional oil that meets the requirements to eliminate trans fats. SOYLEIC® seed results in soybeans that are used precisely for this purpose.


U.S. soybean farmers are committed to raising a sustainable product and continuing to improve their practices to minimize the impact on the environment. SOYLEIC® soybeans support farmers’ efforts to meet their 2025 goals to:

•     Reduce land use impact by 10 percent (acres per bushel)
•     Reduce soil erosion an additional 25 percent (acres per bushel)
•     Increase energy use efficiency by 10 percent (BTUs per years)
•     Reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent (pounds CO2 – equivalent gasses emitted per year).


Program information, including available varieties and germplasm, is available by contacting licensing director Bryan Stobaugh.

SOYLEIC® varieties are in development in several states and will be available in maturity groups I to VII.

U.S. Map indicating where Soyleic is bred. Soyleic is bred in these states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia
Andrew Scaboo

Andrew Scaboo

Andrew Scaboo’s focus on research was shaped by a team-effort approach. Guided by the resources of prior scientists' expertise and the farmers' knowledge, his work is primarily focused on increasing the quality and productivity of the soybeans being planted. “The...

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Grover Shannon

Grover Shannon

A family farm in rural Mississippi is where Grover Shannon’s devotion to agriculture started. This dedication to the industry is what guided him through a storied 49-year career in soybean breeding where his goal was to be a “friend of the farmer”. Grover’s path...

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Vince Pantalone

Vince Pantalone

Providing a heart-healthy and sustainable end-product is at the forefront of Vince Pantalone’s mind when he is making crosses to advance the genetic progeny of SOYLEIC varieties. His experience with oil quality projects has set the foundation for his 37-year career in...

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Zenglu Li

Zenglu Li

Growing up on a vegetable farm with his father, Zenglu Li, had an interest in plant breeding from an early age. Zenglu spent much of the growing season carefully watching the produce, thinking of ways to improve the crop to harvest more food. With gradual growth,...

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The SOYLEIC® trait is available to license from the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. For more information, visit the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council below:

Available SOYLEIC® Varieties

SOYLEIC® seed is available for maturity zones 1.2 to 5.2 from the following providers:

The soy checkoff continually innovates beyond the bushel, and the SOYLEIC® high oleic trait is a remarkable example of our investments improving the quality of U.S. soybeans. These advanced genetics create lasting impacts for soyfoods and industrial uses, and our farmers couldn’t be prouder of what they’ve accomplished.
Polly Ruhland

CEO, United Soybean Board

Whether it’s nutrition, performance or sustainability, SOYLEIC® has opened doors for our soybean farmers. This high oleic variety offers such versatility to our end-users and offers another choice in the marketplace.
John Jansen

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, United Soybean Board

Benson Hill is uniquely focused on improving output traits of soybeans as well as the performance of the soybeans for farmers. We believe soybeans can provide better food and feed options that the market is demanding while providing farmers a production premium. One of our goals is to increase the oleic content of the soybean oil by collaborating with Missouri Soybean genes to help us reach over 75% oleic quantity. As we go forward, we see this collaboration as beneficial as we have not seen any issues in susceptibility to diseases or agronomics breeding with the genes provided by Missouri Soybeans.

Bill Rhodes

Soybean Breeder, Benson Hill

Contact us with questions and for more information about SOYLEIC®.