Healthier Food Begins on the Farm

SOYLEIC® is the result of Missouri soybean checkoff research at work. Through traditional breeding, the high oleic trait was discovered, which gives farmers the option of growing soybeans for specific markets. The need for healthy soybean oil has never been greater, and now the traits to produce that oil are available.

Farmer Benefits

SOYLEIC® is an outcome of farmer-funded research. Through the soybean checkoff, the high oleic soybean trait was created to better meet the needs of the food oil and livestock meal markets. Consumers and food manufacturers are consistently looking for healthy food options that are delicious and affordable. U.S. soybean farmers now have an option to grow SOYLEIC® soybeans that can be crushed into high oleic soybean oil and meal. Key benefits of growing SOYLEIC® soybeans include:

•     Potential premiums
•     Diversification of soybean acres
•     High end-user demand

The SOYLEIC® trait was developed over a decade of research, resulting in a non-GMO trait that meets the functionality and performance needs for food manufacturers. It is also proving to be a promising non-GMO option for livestock feed.

How to Grow High Oleic Soybeans

Growing a specific high oleic variety of soybeans requires identity preservation, so end users are confident the product they receive will hold the benefits they demand. To deliver the benefits of a value-added soybean, a supply chain that keeps SOYLEIC® soybeans separated from commodity soybeans is required. This is why identity-preserved systems are critical when growing SOYLEIC® soybeans.

In identity-preserved systems, each partner is responsible for every step in production, from producing seed to sales, marketing, crush, and end use. These smaller, integrated systems provide revolutionary identity preservation of SOYLEIC® soybeans at every stage. Identity-preserved systems are located across soybean-growing states to ensure farmers are successful and customers are satisfied when using the SOYLEIC® trait.

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SOYLEIC® varieties are in development in several states and will be available in maturity groups I to VII.


Feed and food manufacturers are increasingly focused on the sustainability of their operations. SOYLEIC® soybeans can fit into these companies’ sustainability practices and help them achieve their goals.

For a more detailed look at the current breeding universities, yield trials, and crush plants, view our interactive map.

Farmers need to expand the market for the soybean they produce. The high quality oil in SOYLEIC® varieties should help soybean oil win back market share in the food industry. There is significant demand for the high quality oil in SOYEIC® varieties and once more SOYEIC® varieties become available, production should take off. I hope one day these traits will become common in varieties grown in the USA.
Brian Diers

Professor, Crop Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The future for SOYLEIC® is extremely promising since it’s delivering on both an improved oil functionality and fatty acid profile that aligns to existing industry standards expected for a high oleic soybean oil while also coming from a non-GM/native trait background that certain market sectors, both here in the U.S. and globally, are desiring. This combined with solid agronomic seed varieties means more income per acre for soybean growers and an increased value proposition for the entire soybean supply chain.
David Tegeder

Corteva Agrisciences (Former)

I’m really excited about the future growth and profitability opportunity SOYLEIC® brings to soybean farmers, and the entire soybean value chain. SOYLEIC® is the right product at the right time, considering it can build on the established and growing high oleic soybean oil market and offers value on the meal side of the bean through its non-GM status.
Russ Sanders

Director of Food and Industry Markets (Retired), Dupont Pioneer

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