SOYLEIC® goes beyond soybean oil. Meal makes a difference for livestock, too.

Research is currently underway with dairy cows, poultry and hogs, and initial results using SOYLEIC® meal in feed rations are promising. It’s fatty acid profile and non-GMO status make it a unique feed ingredient for livestock farmers looking to differentiate their meat and dairy products in the market.

Meal Research

Still in its infancy, high oleic soybean meal has been a studied in several feeding trials. Review those results here:

Production and Milk Fatty Acid Composition (2017 Penn State Study)

Improved Dairy Cow Milkfat Yield Highlights

High Oleic in Dairy Ration


Increased Milkfat Concentration (2018 U of WI Study)

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Non-GMO Feed

The SOYLEIC® trait was created through traditional breeding with soybean varieties, making it a non-GMO option for meal used in animal feed. Interest in non-GMO meal in animal feed continues to grow as food brands seek to support a non-gmo approach throughout their value chain and is critical for those livestock farmers who raise certified organic meat, milk or eggs.

Where to Buy

Because SOYLEIC® is still a new trait on the market, there is a limited list of feed suppliers using high oleic soybean meal. Please contact us for the nearest supplier.

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