Sipcam Oxon partners with Missouri Soybeans to introduce SOYLEIC to the European Union

The Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council’s efforts to grow farmers’ return on their soybean checkoff investments have taken another leap forward. In a cutting-edge partnership, Missouri Soybeans has teamed up with Sipcam Oxon to release the first commercial license of the innovative SOYLEIC trait outside of the United States.

Sipcam Oxon, headquartered in Milan, Italy is the first Italian multinational company and one of the world’s leading players in the agriculture sector. Founded in 1946, Sipcam Oxon is present all over the world both commercially and industrially. Sipcam Oxon operates in synthesis, registration and development of active ingredients for crop protection products and chemical intermediates. Additionally, Sipcam Oxon owns high expertise in formulation, production and distribution of agrochemicals, bio-stimulants and non-GMO soybean seed.

“Sipcam has been developing soybeans with unique features – appreciated by farmers and processors –building high value supply chains,” said Piero Ciriani, Sipcam’s seed business manager. “High oleic soybeans represent a great opportunity to make a substantial step ahead in providing a healthier and more sustainable oil. Combined with good protein levels, high oleic soybeans can generate multiple benefits to the food market and the environment, to meet farmers and processors needs and the new European guidelines.”

SOYLEIC provides the European Union (EU) a viable non-GMO option to remain competitive in the growing food and agriculture sector. Critical to Sipcam, SOYLEIC is a non-GMO soybean trait, resulting in high oleic oil and meal. Today, high oleic soybeans are leading the way with high functionality while producing zero trans fats.

SOYLEIC promotes the use of non-GM crops being grown in the EU, which gives Sipcam the opportunity to contract, grow and process SOYLEIC soybean products domestically. Soybean acres are not substantial in the EU, so the acres that are grown need to be planted with innovative technology that can deliver high quality yields.

“With the growing population around the world, the use of a sustainable crop is pertinent to feed our families, friends and animals,” said Bryan Stobaugh, Missouri Soybeans’ director of licensing. “SOYLEIC provides that sustainability, and Sipcam has seen the opportunity and seized it. This is a milestone for Missouri Soybeans as an innovation discovered in the public breeding sector from checkoff funded research.”

This agreement will add to Missouri Soybeans already 14 states with SOYLEIC varieties. The SOYLEIC trait is available to license from the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. Find out more at