The future of a healthier food system isn’t manufactured – it’s grown.

When food science and agriculture technologies meet, opportunities grow. And for farmers, that intersection includes SOYLEIC™ non-gmo high oleic soybeans as a new tool for raising healthy food for humans and animals while adding value to their crops.

“Innovations like the SOYLEIC™ non-gmo high oleic soybeans are exactly the opportunities we’re focused on in bringing new soybean varieties to farmers and introducing new soy products to the market through the soy checkoff,” said Kyle Durham, a farmer from Norborne and chairman of the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. “We’re proud to bring growers this technology that stands to empower farmers to improve their bottom line through new varieties and value-added markets and meet the food industry’s need for high performing soybean oil.”

The SOYLEIC™ trait technology is already at work in fourteen states, from Georgia to Minnesota. Seeds carrying SOYLEIC™ are going into as many as 40,000 acres this planting season, and a new website,, is now available as a one-stop shop for information for farmers, researchers, restaurant chefs and health-conscious consumers.

High oleic soybean oil offers high functionality while producing zero trans fats, making it ideal for baking, frying and other uses in restaurant and home kitchens.

In addition to farmers planting soybeans with the SOYLEIC™ non-GMO high oleic, soybean breeders are working to develop new varieties with the technology tailored to the growing conditions in their regions. Led by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council and funded through the soy checkoff, a group of land grant universities and private organizations are working to expand the trait to maturity groups 00 to VII.

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